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Society for Stereology was founded in 7th July, 1998 in Samsun-Turkiye and the name of the association was changed to Turkish Society for Stereology with the permission of the Turkish Ministry of Interior in 7th May, 2007 . Turkish society for stereology is a national scientific community and working in conjunction with International Society for Stereology (ISS).

Our principle aim is to facilitate information flow between scientists dealing with stereology especially in Turkey, informing them about new developments of the field and to act as a information and communication center for problems and questions concerning stereology. We are also trying to keep our knowledge up-to-date by helding workshops, meetings and courses.

Stereology association is open to all academics and scientists who is conducting morphometric studies. Our association is waiting the accession of new members throughout Turkey. The contact of scholars and scientists who are interested in this subject will accelerate the flow of information related to stereology and will contribute to the dissemination of new stereological methods.

Thank you for your attention and wish you success in your work. Please send us your comments or questions...
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