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The "2ndNeuroscience Stereology and Scientific Writing Symposium" was held on 15-19 March 2016 at the Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology, in Arusha, Tanzania. This symposium was organised in collaboration with Turkish Society for Stereology, Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology and TIKA. A total of 32 speakers and 81 participants attended the symposium.

The symposium was organized under three headings and the first two days were devoted to neuroscience, the third day to scientific writing and the last day to stereology. The speakers from America, Egypt, India, United Kingdom, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania and Turkey had shared the information about the neuroscience, scientific writing and stereology. Through the stereology workshop, participants learned about stereological techniques.

This abstract book contains the abstracts of the presentations of the “2ndNeuroscience Stereology and Scientific Writing Symposium” that were received from the authors.

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President of the Symposium

  Prof. Suleyman Kaplan



Stereology is a methodological science that provides reliable information on particle number, area, and volume estimation of the structure in tissues. The main idea of such organizations in the different parts of the world is to increase the use of stereological techniques by researchers. On behalf of Turkish Society for Stereology, Organizing Committee and Scientific Committee, it is great pleasure and honor to invite you to Intensive 3rd Asian and African Stereology Congress and Hands on Training Stereology Workshop to be held on 18-20 December 2018 in New Delhi, India. 

Scientists and affiliated professionals attending to the 3rd Asian and African Stereology Congress was able to: 

• Enhance their knowledge about the fundamental principles of unbiased stereological approaches
• Use the updated stereological software 
• Interpret the results obtained from cellular counting and volume estimation methods
• Have knowledge about the developments about the experimental and clinical stereological studies 
• Communicate, collaborate and network with the other international scientists 


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Prof. Neelam Vasudeva 
Prof. Süleyman Kaplan 

Presidents of the Symposium

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